Teacher and students looking at a computer

Why teach computer science in K-12?

A working knowledge of computer science is fundamental to being an informed member of society and an active participant in a digital world. CS for Oregon seeks to democratize access to computer science education.

CS for All empowers our Nation’s students with computational thinking: CS courses enable students to develop skills and competencies in problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration that will help them excel in today’s increasingly digital and computational world.

CS for All provides rigorous CS to all U.S. schools: CS is taught in less than 25 percent of K-12 schools across the country, and even fewer middle or elementary schools offer academically rigorous computer science experiences.

CS for All expands access to CS: Women, girls, minorities, and persons with disabilities participate in computing in very low numbers, which is a loss of talent, creativity, and innovation for the discipline and the nation.

Why CS For All?

What is CS?
State of CS in Oregon