Through support from the National Science Foundation and in collaboration with multiple state policymakers and educators, the “CS for Oregon” initiative recently launched an effort to expand access to inclusive learning experiences, beginning with high school classrooms. 

At its core is equity-focused teacher education. Teachers have the unique and central position to bring active and inclusive pedagogy to introductory courses for all students.  They also hold the capacity, expertise, and agency to illuminate how local and statewide policies and practices can support and sustain social justice approaches to computing education. 

Current efforts include:

Providing long-term professional development to in-service teachers utilizing Exploring Computer Science, a high school course focused on learning introductory computer science concepts, inquiry-based teaching methodologies, and strategies for teaching for equity and inclusion.

Infusing computer science preparation in teacher education programs. The College of Education at the University of Oregon designed a course to include computing education topics and effective and inclusive teaching methods. 

Using research based data to evaluate and inform systemic CS policy initiatives to further equity-based CS education strategies statewide.

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